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ALVALL Niels (Alwall Nils, sort. in 1904) — the Swedish nephrologist, the doctor of medicine, honourable doctor Rostoksky and Budapest» high fur boots; president of the International island of nephrologists (1972). Graduated from the university in Lund (Sweden). Worked as the assistant at institutes of physiology (1926 — 1929), pharmacology: (1932 — 1935) same universities; in the same place since 1942 — professor, since 1957 — the permanent head of department of nephrology.

N. Alvall — one of creators [along with W. J. Kolff] the device «artificial kidney» (1943 — 1944). He is an author more than 200 scientific works on topical issues of nephrology and features; treatments of patients acute and hron. renal failure. The first works came to this subject in 1946. The large monograph devoted: therapeutic and diagnostic to problems of a heavy renal failure,

N. Alvall — the honorary member of the German island of clinical medicine (GDR), the honorary member of many national the island of nephrologists is published in 1964, was the president of the IV International congress of nephrologists (Stockholm, 1969), the president of the European association on dialysis and transplantation (1970 — 1971), the president of the Swedish island of nephrologists (1966 — 1971).

Works: On artificial kidney, Acta med. scand., Suppl. 196, p. 250, 1947 (sovm. with Norviit L.); Artificial kidney, Nord. med., v. 40, p. 2362, 1948, v. 41, p. 411, 1949; On artificial kidney, Acta med. scand., v. 138, p. 246, 1950 (sovm. with Tornberg A.); Behandlungsresultate bei distaler tubulärer Nephritis mit Anuric — Oligurie («Lower nephron nephrosis» usvv.), ibid., Suppl. 246, p. 9, 1950 (sovm. with Tornberg A.); Therapeutic and diagnostic problems in severe renal failure, Lund, 1964.

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