ALPERN Daniil Evseevich

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ALPERN Daniil Evseevich

ALPERN Daniil Evseevich (1894 — 1968) — the Soviet pathophysiologist, the member correspondent of AN of USSR (1939), the honored worker of science (1948). After the termination (1917) medical f-that Kharkiv un-that worked at department of a pathophysiology under the leadership of A. V. Reprev. Still by the student for the scientific work «Physiology and Pathology of a Brain Appendage» it is awarded a gold medal. From 1929 to the last days lives headed department of a pathophysiology Kharkiv medical in-that; at the same time directed departments of a pathophysiology of Ukrainian psychoneurological in-that (1923 — 1955) and Ukrainian in-that experimental medicine (1934 — 1941). D.E. Alpern is an author more than 200 scientific works, including 7 monographs devoted to hl. obr. pathophysiology of a nervous system and neuro and humoral regulation, patokhimiya of an inflammation and pathogeny of allergic reactions. (1928) trophic influence of a nervous system on permeability of vessels and fabrics are established to them; the role of shift of mediators in disturbances of reflex activity of a nervous system, in a pathogeny of an inflammation and trophic ulcers is revealed.

He established (1951) that in a pathogeny of an inflammation (emergence of disorders of microcirculation, increase in permeability of vessels, emigration of leukocytes and phagocytosis) an important role is played by adeninenucleotides and other physiologically active agents. In its laboratory new data on a role of carbohydrate metabolism in a pathogeny of allergies were obtained. D. E. Alpern established the desensibilizing and antiinflammatory effect of extracts of a hypophysis (1935), and also value hron. a sensitization in development of an experimental hypertension (1940).

D.E. Alpern's textbook on a pathophysiology (the 6th prod., 1965) it is published in the countries of national democracy, translated into English. Under its management 50 dissertation works, including 12 dokt are performed.; his pupils head departments of a pathophysiology in medical higher education institutions and departments in scientific research institute of the country.

D.E. Alpern was a member of the Academic Council of MZ USSR, the board member Vsesoyuznogo and the chairman of the Kharkiv department of the Scientific island of pathophysiologists; honorary member of the International antirheumatic island and Argentina antirheumatic league, member of an edition of councils of a number of medical magazines; in 2 prod. BME — the author and the editor according to the section «Physiology».

Works: Materials to pathology of the lower brain appendage, a yew., Kharkiv, 1921; The Doctrine about fever, Kharkiv, 1928; Autonomic nervous system and metabolism, Kharkiv, 1931; Pathological physiology, 1st prod., M. — L., 1938, 6 prod., M., 1965; Volumetric factors of nervous excitement in a human body, M., 1944; Inflammation, M., 1959; Cholinergic processes in pathology, M., 1963; Inflammation, Mnogotomn. the management on a stalemate. fiziol., under the editorship of N. N. Sirotinin, t. 2, page 9, M., 1966.

Bibliography: Daniil Evseevich Alpern (1894 — 1968), Arkh. patol., t. 31, No. 4, page 94, 1969; Daniil Evseevich Alpern, F1zshl. zhurn., t. 14, No. 5, page 718, 1968; Daniil Evseevich Alpern's Memories, Stalemate. fiziol. and ekspery. ter., t. 12, No. 6, page 89, 1968.

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