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ALLOPO FRANÇOIS Henry (François Henri Hallopeau, 1842 — 1919) — the fr. dermatologist, the member of the French medical academy. Having ended medical f-t in 1871, studied nervous diseases under the leadership of J. M. Charcot, etc. Worked 23 years on a dermatosifilidologiya in L. P. A. Hardy's department of the Parisian hospital of St. Ludovic, then managed one of its departments.

The main directions of works of F. Allopo — a research on a tuberculosis cutis, syphilis, a leprosy, etc. His name called diseases, for the first time by it described: resistant pustular acrodermatitis, vegetans pyoderma, trichotillomania, etc. Together with Benye (E. Besnier) F. Allopo developed a question of an erythrosis at fungoid mycosis (a premikotichesky erythrosis); described a number of new clinical versions red flat depriving, in particular its atrophic form. Textbooks and the guides to dermatology, syphilology and to the general pathology are written to them. F. Allopo consisted the honorary member Moscow and others dermatological scientific the island.

Works: Des accidents conyulsifs dans les maladies de la moelle épiniére, P., 1871; Des paralysies bulbaires, P., 1875; Du mercure action physiologique et therapeutique, P., 1878; Leçons sur les maladies cutanées et syphilitiques, les naevi, P., 1891 (sovm. with Leredde L. E.); Traitè de la syphilis, P., 1911.