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ALDOL CONDENSATION — reaction of association (consolidation) of two molecules of aldehydes of a pla of ketones or aldehyde and ketone in one more complicated molecule combining in itself at the same time functions of aldehydes and ketones.

Condensation proceeds under the influence of basic type accelerators, e.g. And. to. acetaldehyde it can be expressed by the following equation:

The formed substance (β-hydroxy-butyric aldehyde) contains at the same time aldehydic and hydroxylic groups and therefore it is called aldol, and condensation of this type — aldol. Similarly reaction and for ketones proceeds. From acetone, e.g., diacetone alcohol turns out. Turning out as a result And. to. aldegidospprta have big reactivity.

And. to. plays an important role in processes of an intermediate metabolism where by it transition from simpler to more difficult connections, in particular synthesis of monosaccharides from aldehydes p ketones can be made. The basic possibility of such transition was proved by Butlerov, the received way And. to. ant aldehyde mix of hexoses. In an animal organism And. to. is an intermediate link in synthesis of higher fatty acids. In particular, aldol can be a source for education β-hydroxy-butyric to - you to - you to - you... See also Aldehydes .

R. M. Homutov.