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ALCALIGENES FAECALIS (Bact. alcaligenes, Bact. faecalis alcaligenes, fecal shchelocheobrazovatel) — microorganism, representative this. Achromobacteriaceae, normal inhabitant of intestines of the person. It is open in 1889. J. Petruschky, is in detail described in 1896

by A. f. it is eurysynusic in the nature, it is allocated from the soil, water, from patients, especially with a typhoid and a paratyphoid, healthy people and animals. Apparently, it is conditionally pathogenic look and can cause septic processes in persons with the lowered body resistance.

A. f. — the mobile stick the size 0,5×1 — 2 microns, peritry, does not form a dispute, has no capsule, is facultative aerobe. On Gram it is not painted. It is inert on Giss's circles, does not acquire carbohydrates on Hugh and Lifson's environment, has katalazny and oksidazny activity, does not form an indole. Reactions with methyl red and Fogesa — Proskauera negative (see. Fogesa — Proskauera reaction ). Does not cause hydrolysis of urea. Some strains recover nitrates, utilize citrate, liquefy to gelatin, form hydrogen sulfide. A. f. alkalinizes litmus milk, does not cause hemolysis; the antigenic structure is not studied.

It is identified on characteristic enzymatic properties with use of special differential environments: Seyalers, Conn, TTH-agar, etc.

Grows on usual mediums, and also on Wednesdays with bile and Endo's circle. Has ability to alkalinize the mediums containing proteins or their derivatives. In pure growth it can be easily allocated by seeding of pathological material for the usual mediums containing the indicator — bromtimolovy blue. In the presence of growth of A. f. Wednesday intensively becomes blue. For studying of an etiological role of separate kinds of A. f. in diseases of the person provisional serums for the purpose of serological grouping of strains can be prepared.

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A. P. Baturo, I. V. Golubev.