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ALBUMIN-GLOBULINOVYY COEFFICIENT (AGC) — the size expressing the attitude of amount of albumine towards amount of globulins in biological liquids. For healthy people of AGK of blood serum makes 1,5 — 2,3. At many diseases the reduction of AGK caused by reduction of concentration of albumine and increase in concentration of globulins is observed.

Methods of definition of AGK are based on salting-out globulins (see) and albumine (see) neutral salts by saturation of solution, e.g. ammonium sulfate (at 50 and 100% of saturation respectively) or sodium sulfate (22 and 100%), and the subsequent definition of concentration of protein in draft by usual methods. Also the method of calculation of AGK on the basis of data of the electrophoretic analysis is widespread. In the latter case normal amounts of AGK turn out a little smaller (1,2 — 2,0) due to adsorption of albumine paper during division.

At the most various pathological processes (hron. infectious processes, injuries of bone system, after heavy operations etc.) decrease in concentration of albumine has, as a rule, universal character. It can be caused by transition of albumine to fabrics owing to increase in permeability of walls of vessels, decrease in intensity of synthesis of albumine in renal fabric, accelerations of their disintegration and turning into other proteins, in particular in globulins which content in this regard increases.

Dynamics of change of AGK is important for the forecast during a disease. Considerable reduction of AGK is observed at the diseases of a liver which are followed by decrease in synthesis of albumine and also at removal of albumine with urine at renal failures. Strengthening of globulins has the differentiated character. At an acute inflammation this increase happens generally due to strengthening of synthesis α2-and γ-globulins.......... At hron. inflammatory processes the gain of γ-globulins and to a lesser extent α2-and β-globulpn is observed.

At hepatitises low sizes AGK are connected with decrease of the activity of processes of synthesis of albumine, increase in content of γ-globulins and to a lesser extent — β-globulins;;;;;;;;;; at cirrhosis there is an insignificant increase γ-and α-globulpn. and sometimes and β-globulins;;;;;;;;;; at mechanical jaundice the content of albumine sharply decreases, contents α2-, β-, and also γ-globulins increases.......... At a nephrotic syndrome the content of albumine and γ-globulins decreases, β-and α-globulins — — increases. At malignant tumors concentration of α-globulins, in particular α2-глобулинов increases, it is less considerable — β-and α-globulins, the amount of albumine is reduced. At last, the plasmacytoma is connected with sharp increase in concentration of proteins in the area γ-or β-globulins of serum.

1,38 is normal equal in the AGK cerebrospinal liquid on average; decreases at inflammatory processes in c. N page and majority of forms of neyrodermalny tumors. Especially strongly AGK decreases in the presence of malignant tumors.

See also Analbuminemiya .

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E. G. Larsky.