ALBRECHT Hermann Aleksandrovich

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ALBRECHT Hermann Aleksandrovich

ALBRECHT Hermann Aleksandrovich (1878 — 1933) — one of founders of domestic prosthetics. After the termination in 1903 VMA worked in its orthopedic clinic under the leadership of the prof. G. I. Turner. In 1907 protected dokt. thesis. In 1914 — 1915 — the chief physician of hospital and the chief of the evacuation center on the Northwest front. Since 1915 — the assistant to the chief physician of the Mariinsky shelter for crippled soldiers which is reorganized in 1918 with its active participation in Ying t of prosthetics the director to-rogo it was until the end of life. In the last years of life headed also department of orthopedics and prosthetics of GIDUV (Leningrad).

G. A. Albrecht in 1916 put forward the plan of creation of the state system of prosthetics which provided free prosthetics and preparation for it in medical institutions, creation of network of prosthetic workshops, scientific development of new designs of prostheses and training of prosthetists. These progressive ideas were carried out after the Great October revolution.

One of the first in the country G. A. Albrecht began to develop medical bases of prosthetics. He proved the theory of creation of a prosthesis of a hip; offered new designs of active prostheses of a shoulder with traction management (they essentially did not lose the value); developed the principles of creation of orthopedic footwear, devices and corsets.

G. A. Albrecht improved a number of operational methods of preparation of a stump of an extremity: operations of a falangization of the I metacarpal bone, osteoplastic amputation of a hip, lengthening of a short stump of a shoulder, kineplasty of a forearm on Krukenberg. Its modification of operation of Krukenberg is original as envisioned and to technical performance; it was widely applied during the Great Patriotic War. He is the author of a number of improvement suggestions and inventions. G. A. Albrecht published 54 scientific works which are devoted to single questions of orthopedics, traumatology and radiology — to treatment of bone tuberculosis, functional education of a stump, a question of a statics and dynamics of artificial legs, etc.

G. A. Albrecht — one of organizers of the Leningrad island of surgeons-orthopedists, the associate editor of several magazines.

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