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ALBIKHTOL (Albichtholum) — antiseptic agent. The purified light oil from slate pitch. Represents mix of homologs of thiophene with impurity of hydrocarbons.

Yellowish or greenish, transparent, volatile, easily mobile liquid with a peculiar off-flavor. On air gradually reddens. And. it is water-insoluble, with alcohol and glycerin gives an unstable emulsion; let's dissolve in chloroform, turpentine and benzene; mixes up with lanolin and vaseline; dissolves iodine, an iodoform, camphor. Drug has antiseptic, antiinflammatory and mestnoobezbolivayushchy action, is similar to Ichthyolum (see), but irritates fabrics less; does not contaminate linen. Apply at diseases of skin in the form of 2 — 10% of ointment, inflammatory diseases of bodies of a small pelvis (candles and balls), at pediculosis in combination with green soap (paste).

Store in well corked bottles in the dry, cool, protected from light place.

See also Antiseptic agents .

In the USSR it is excluded from the nomenclature of pharmaceuticals.

T. N. Zykova.