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AKTSELEROTRAVMA (Latin acceleratio — acceleration + an injury) — harmful action of change of speed of the movement on a human body. The significant contribution to studying of a problem of Aktselerotravma is made V. I. Voyachek (see) and its school.

Aktselerotravma is expressed by a number of frustration from a vestibular analyzer. The more the size of acceleration, the stronger occurs the irritation of a vestibular analyzer which is expressed emergence of touch reaction as dizziness and protective reflexes accompanying it (disorder of balance, disturbance of orientation of a body in space). The persons extremely sensitive to action of accelerations, have also vegetative reaction, edges is characterized by emergence of pallor of integuments, perspiration, nausea, vomiting and even an unconscious state — a symptom complex of a motion desease. At persons with steady vestibular function the expressed vegetative reactions appear at much stronger vestibular irritations (either excessively big sizes of acceleration, or small, but it is long operating). The symptom complex of a motion desease in a crust, time is called a disease of movement.

The accelerations having the kaudooktsipitalny direction possess especially adverse action. In these cases there can be hemorrhages not only to semicircular canals, but also under covers of a brain, in a conjunctiva of eyes and under skin of an upper body (see. Acceleration ). The circulatory disturbance, breath, sight can take place.

The symptom complex of a motion desease is prevented a special training of a vestibular analyzer.

See also Vestibular analyzer , Motion desease , Acceleration .

N. I. Kostrov.