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AKLADIOZ OF SKIN (acladiosis cutis) — deep mold mpkoz. Meets extremely seldom. The activator — Acladium Castellani, Pinoy — belongs to the sort Aleurisma.

The disease is for the first time described by Castellani (A. Castellani, 1916). On extremities and a trunk there are disseminated nodes and deep infiltrates of reddish and cyanotic color to 2 cm in the diameter. A part them quite often breaks up, being sharply delimited from adjacent fabrics, and reminds syphilomas. The formed ulcers of a maloboleznenna, with plentiful purulent separated.

The diagnosis is made on the basis of a laboratory research. At crops purulent separated p pieces of fabric on Saburo's circle ochroleucous hemispherical colonies with a smooth surface grow, edges gradually becomes convex.

Current chronic. The disease progresses slowly. The forecast for life favorable.

Treatment — 2 — 3% solution of potassium iodide inside on 1 table. l. 3 times a day after food within 5 — 6 weeks (3 — 4 courses with a break of 10 — 12 days).

A pathogeny and prevention — see. Mold mycoses .

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N. D. Sheklakov.