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AHUNBAEV Iza Conoyevich

AKHUNBAYEV Iza Conoyevich (1908 — 1975) — the Soviet surgeon, the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1948), the academician of AN of the Kyrgyz SSR (1954), the first president of AN of the Kyrgyz SSR (1954 — 1961), professor (1949), the honored worker of science of the Kyrgyz SSR (1972). The member of the CPSU since 1943. Ended in 1935. Average and Asian medical in-t (Tashkent). Began profession of a physician the intern of surgical department in Frunze (1935). In 1935 — 1937 — the deputy people's commissar of health care of the Kyrgyz SSR. Since 1941 works at department of the general surgery in Kyrgyz medical in-those, to-ruyu heads since 1946; in 1948 — 1952 there was at the same time a director rum of this institute. It one of organizers of AN of the Kyrgyz SSR.

The main surgical problems studied by I. K. Akhunbayev — a local craw, an echinococcosis and an alveococcosis, shock, a heart surgery and the main vessels. He made a big scientific contribution to these sections of surgery. Having studied features of a local craw in Kyrgyzstan, organized preventive actions which allowed to lower a prevalence this disease of the population of the republic by 6 times. Developed an original technique quickly

go treatments of an echinococcosis of lungs (1964). Together with G. L. Frenkel offered classification of shock (1960, 1967). For scientific work «Sketches on shock and a collapse» (sovm, with G. L. Frenkel) it is conferred the State award of the Kyrgyz SSR in science and technology (1970).

I. K. Akhunbayev is the author of 173 scientific works, including five monographs. Under its management 26 dissertation works, from them 4 dokt are prepared.

I. K. Akhunbayev combined scientific and pedagogical work with big public work. He was the deputy of the Supreme Council of the USSR II, III, IV convocations, was repeatedly elected the deputy of the Supreme Council of the Kyrgyz SSR. Was a member of boards of the All-Union scientific island of surgeons and the All-Union scientific island of endocrinologists, the member of the International association of surgeons. I. K. Akhunbayev is an author and the coeditor of the section «Surgery» of the 2nd prod. BME, Ezhegodnikov of BME and Small medical encyclopedia; in 3 prod. BME — the editor of redotdel «The general surgery» and «Endocrinology». He was a member of editorial boards of a number of scientific magazines.

It is awarded by 7 awards, including the Order of Lenin and an award of the October Revolution, and also medals.

Works: Local craw of the Chuy Valley of the Kyrgyz SSR, yew., Frunze, 1968; Appendicitis of children's age, Frunze, 1949; The Problem of a local craw in Kyrgyzstan, Frunze, 1957; About classification of shocks, Frunze, 1960 (sovm, with Frenkel G. L.); A problem of an echinococcosis in Kyrgyzstan, Frunze, 1965; Sketches on shock and a collapse, Frunze, 1967 (sovm, with Frenkel G. L.).

Bibliography: Shubladze B. K., Mukhamedziyev M. M. and Finger M. G. To the 60 anniversary of professor I. K. Akhunbayev, Surgery, No. 2» page 144, 1969.

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