AKHSHARUMOV Dmitry Dmitriyevich

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AKHSHARUMOV Dmitry Dmitriyevich

AKHSHARUMOV Dmitry Dmitriyevich (1823 — 1910) — the Russian doctor, the participant of the revolutionary-democratic movement, the figure of public medicine. After the termination St. Petersburg un-that (1846), being an official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, entered a circle of «petrashevets» (M. V. Butashevicha-Petrashevsky's circle) which promoted distribution in Russia of the ideas of utopian socialists. In 1849 for participation in political activity of petrashevets D. D. Akhsharumov was arrested and sentenced to death, the exile to prisoner companies replaced then. In 1851 it is sent to privates to the Caucasus; having served to an officer rank, retired. In 1857 came on medical f-t of university to Derpte from where it was transferred to Medicochirurgical academy (St. Petersburg) which finished Medical education in 1862 filled up in Germany. Wrote work about effect of aconitine, for to-ruyu received degree of the doctor of medicine (1866). Worked in the specialty in Kherson, Poltava. Spent the last years of life to Baku.

Many scientific works of D. D. Akhsharumov are devoted to epidemics of diphtheria, cholera, smallpox, plague, spread of syphilis. In Poltava it founded Society of doctors and was its permanent chairman; in 1882 organized a congress of doctors of the Poltava province. D. D. Akhsharumov was a supporter of promotion of sanitary knowledge among the population.

Works: Effect of aconitine on an animal organism, a yew., SPb., 1866; Angry posing the Disease or poisoning with an ergot, Poltava, 1883; Plague of the last years of the 19th century (1894 — 1900), Poltava, 1900; Smallpox vaccination as sanitary measure, Volsk, 1901; From my memoirs, SPb., 1905.

Bibliography: Aleksandrovsky B. A. Vrach-petrashevets Dmitry Dmitriyevich Akhsharumov, Doctor, business, No. 1, page 79, 1944; Shepelevsky E. Memories Dmitriya Dmitriyevicha Akhsharumova, Russian doctor, t. 9, No. 8, page 279, 1910.

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