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AKAULIOZ OF SKIN (acauliosis) — deep mold mycosis. It is described in 1913 Mr. of Vinyolo-Lutati (To. Vignolo-Lutati); the disease meets extremely seldom.

The activator — Acaulium Vignolo-Lutati — Matruchot treats the sort Scopulariopsis. On site injuries (e.g., a prick a thorn of a plant) arise the red spots, infiltrates and painless nodes extending on the course limf, vessels. Nodes are softened, being opened with release of bloody and purulent liquid and formation of ulcers. The diagnosis is made on the basis of a laboratory research. At crops on Saburo's circle colonies of a mushroom in the beginning wet, brilliant, smooth, then become tserebroformny, get brown or black coloring with a light yellow fluffy zone and radial furrows at the edges. A histopathology — in the thickness of a derma and under it infiltrates with structure of an infectious granuloma are found. Current chronic; the disease slowly progresses, the forecast for life favorable.

Treatment: chronic ingestion of 2 — 3% of solution of potassium iodide on 1 table. l. or 50% of solution of potassium iodide in milk from 3 to 30 drops 3 times a day (gradually increasing, then reducing a dose to initial 3 drops).

Pathogeny and prevention — see. Mold mycoses .

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N. D. Sheklakov.