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AKANTOKHEYLONEMATOZ (acanthocheilonematosis; Greek akantha — a thorn, cheilos — a lip, Peta — thread + - Usis) — helminthosis from group of filariases, the proceeding hl. obr. with the allergic phenomena. It is widespread in a number of the countries of Africa and South America. The activator — round Acanthocheilonema perstans helminth (a synonym of Dipetalonema perstans). Male 40 — 45 mm long, 0,06 — 0,08 mm wide, female 70 — 80 mm long and 0,12 — 0,14 mm wide, larvae (microfilaria) 0,09 — 0,2 mm long, 0,004 — 0,006 mm wide. Adult helminths parasitize at the person in a mesentery, pararenal and retroperitoneal fabrics, a liver, a pericardium, a microfilaria - in blood. Intermediate owners of helminth — insects give an invasion (wood lice of Culicoides austeni, etc.). Source of an invasion — the patient A. person. Mokretsa, attacking the patient, together with his blood perceive also microfilarias. In 7 — 10 days of microfilarias become invasive for the person. At suction mokretsy blood they leave his proboscis and are implemented into a body of the person. A pathogeny — a sensitization of the patient with metabolic products and sometimes disintegration of helminths with development of an allergy. Symptoms — dizzinesses, extremity, breast, stomach pains, an itch of skin, a small tortoiseshell, sometimes increase in a liver and spleen, fever; at a severe form And. allergic hypostases on extremities, generative organs are observed. The diagnosis is made on the basis of detection in blood of microfilarias Acanthocheilonema perstans. The forecast — lethal outcomes are not described; elimination of an invasion works well hardly. Treatment is carried out ditraziny on 0,002 g on 1 kg of weight of the patient by 3 times a day during 2 — 3 weeks. Prevention — fight against wood lice, protection against them.

See also Filariases .

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