AHUTIN Mikhail Nikiforovich

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AHUTIN Mikhail Nikiforovich

AHUTIN Mikhail Nikiforovich (1898 — 1948) — the Soviet surgeon, the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1945), professor, the honored worker of science, the general - the lieutenant of medical service. The member of the CPSU since 1940.

After the termination BMA (1920) it was left in clinic of professor V. A. Oppel under the leadership of whom worked 10 years. Since 1933 — professor Khabarovsk medical in-that, in Krom headed department of operational surgery. During fighting at the lake Hassan and on the river Halkhin-Gol — one of organizers and heads of the surgical help to wounded. Its works were of great importance for specification of tasks, volume of medical aid and its organization at the advanced stages of medical evacuation; they promoted the solution of some problems of field surgery. In 1939 headed department of hospital surgery in the Kuibyshev VMA. During the Soviet-Finnish war (1939 — 1940) — the army surgeon-consultant. In days of the Great Patriotic War (1941 — 1945) — the chief surgeon of the Bryansk, and then 2nd Baltic and 1st Ukrainian of fronts. Since 1945 — the deputy chief surgeon of the Soviet Army and the department chair of faculty surgery of the 1st MMI of I. M. Sechenov.

M. N. Akhutin is an author more than 70 scientific works, from them 40 concern field surgery and are devoted to experience of surgical work in field army, treatment of various fighting injuries (a thorax, the main vessels, large joints), and also to questions of a transport immobilization, a wound fever and other important surgical problems. The good lecturer, the teacher and the talented organizer, M. N. Akhutin made a noticeable contribution to development of field surgery. Its textbook of field surgery in 1942 appeared the 2nd edition. It is awarded by two Orders of Lenin, three — the Red Banner, awards of Patriotic war of the I degree and Suvorov of the II degree, and also medals.

Works: Surgical work during fights at the lake Hassan, M. — L., 1939; Experience of the organization of surgical work in the army area, Kharkiv, 1940; Surgical experience of two combat operations, Kuibyshev, 1940; Not resolved tasks of field surgery, Owls. doctor, zhurn., No. 2, page 1, 1941; Field surgery, M., 1942.

Bibliography: Golden eagles A. N. and Leonov I. T. Outstanding field surgeon, Voyen. - medical zhurn., No. 5, page 94, 1969; Petrovsky B. V. The career of Mikhail Nikiforovich Akhu-tina, Is new. hir. arkh., No. 3, page 118, 1958.

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