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AGAR OF MYASO-PEPTONNYY — the dense or semi-fluid universal medium consisting of a beef-extract broth with addition 0,5 — 2% of an agar and applied to cultivation of the majority of pathogenic microbes.

Basis for preparation And. the m - the item is meat water, to a cut add 1% of powdery peptone and 0,5% of sodium chloride and dissolve at warming up. For full sedimentation of proteins liquid is boiled, constantly stirring slowly, within 30 min. or maintain apprx. 20 min. in the autoclave at t 115 degrees. After that filter through 3 — 4 layers of the filter paper which is previously moistened with a distilled water establish reaction of the environment (pH not lower than 8,2 — 8,4) and add 0,5 — 2% (depending on necessary degree of density of the environment) the crushed and washed out agar (see) then liquid is heated, slowly stirring slowly, before full dissolution of an agar. At evaporation add hot distilled water up to the initial volume.

After dissolution of an agar check reaction of the environment, finalize the required size pH (usually 7,2 — 7,3) and if it is necessary, filter in a hot state via the wadded and gauze filter. The filtrate is spilled in test tubes, bottles, flasks or mattresses and sterilized in the autoclave at 120 ° within 20 — 30 min. After sterilization Wednesday, cooling down, it is condensed.

A source of nitrogen are the organic compounds which are in meat water and some products of proteolysis of proteins — the peptones representing mix of polypeptides (often enough difficult), dipeptides and various amino acids.

And. the m - the item contains apprx. 0,4% of the general nitrogen, 0,07% of amine nitrogen, 4,6% of a solid residue, 1,4% of ash constituents and 0,85% of chlorides.

And. m - the item with addition of certain components (blood, serum, egg yolk and t. and.) it is used for cultivation of some pathogenic microorganisms who are badly growing or not growing on usual mediums at all.

See also Mediums .

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