AFANASYEV Vasily Ivanovich

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AFANASYEV Vasily Ivanovich

AFANASYEV Vasily Ivanovich (1849 — 1904) — the Russian pathologist. After the termination in 1872. Medicochirurgical academy the stalemate worked as the prosector of the St. Petersburg military hospital and at the same time the prosector of department. anatomy on female medical courses. In 1874 defended the dissertation on degree of the doctor of medicine.

Since 1879 gave a course private a stalemate. anatomy in Medicochirurgical academy.

V. I. Afanasyev possesses a number of the capital researches devoted to malaria. In 1879, one year prior to opening of the causative agent of malaria by Laveran, V. I. Afanasyev for the first time suggested about an etiology of this disease; at a research of uncolored cuts of a brain of the person who died of tropical malaria in blood vessels of gray matter of big hemispheres the scientist observed the parasites ripening, reached considerable size and by that approached disclosure of an etiology of malaria.

Works: To a question of participation of protoplasmatic elements of fabrics at an inflammation, a yew., SPb., 1875; To pathology of a malarial infection, Protocols of the Island the Russian doctor, in St.-Petersburg, page 380, SPb. 1879.

Bibliography: V. I. Afanasyev, Doctor, vestn., No. 2, page 44, 1904; Zasukhind.N. Outstanding researches of domestic scientists about causative agents of malaria, page 55, etc., M., 1951; To about r about in and N And. A short historical sketch of department of pathological anatomy at imp. Army medical college, page 152, SPb., 1898.

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