AFANASYEV Mikhail Ivanovich

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AFANASYEV Mikhail Ivanovich

AFANASYEV Mikhail Ivanovich (1850 — 1910) — the Russian clinical physician, the bacteriologist and the pathologist. Ended in 1877. Medicochirurgical academy. Protected in 1881 dokt. the thesis «About an innervation of department of bile with some instructions on an origin of jaundice». Since 1885 — the privatdozent Mediko - surgical academy on pathological anatomy, later — professor (1889), the director of Clinical institute.

Studied preferential infectious diseases, especially cholera, plague, an actinomycosis (sovm, with N. K. Schultz), malaria, an influenza, whooping cough. In 1891 (for a year before Pfeyffer) allocated a stick of an influenza from a phlegm of patients (In act. influenzae), to-ruyu considered the causative agent of an influenza (flu). He believed that maintenance of circulation of an influenzal infection in interepidemic time is caused by existence of sporadic cases of diseases; pointed out short duration of postgrippal immunity.

M. I. Afanasyev wrote about 50 works. It «A lecture on clinical microscopy and bacteriology» (1895) — one of the first Russian leaders. M. I. Afanasyev is the originator (sovm, with A. G. Feynberg) the only large medical encyclopedic edition (21 main volumes and two additional) completed in pre-revolutionary Russia — «The real encyclopedia of medical sciences, the medicochirurgical dictionary with additions and changes for the latest sources» (1891 — 1901). He was an editor of a number of books and magazines: «Applied medicine», «Modern medicine and hygiene», etc.

Works: About an innervation of department of bile with some instructions on an origin of jaundice, a yew., SPb., 1881; Bacteriology of Asian cholera, SPb., 1887; Aetiology and clinical bacteriology of whooping cough, SPb., 1887; About clinical microscopy and bacteriology of an actinomycosis SPb., 1888.

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Yu. I. Milenushkin.