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ETAKRIDYN (Aethacridinum) — an antiseptic agent. In medical practice it is applied in the form of Aethacridinum of a lactate (Aethacridini lactas; synonym: Rivanolum, Acrinol, Aethacridin lactat, Acrolactine, Akron, Flavitrol, Lactacridine, Rivanolum, etc.; GFH; joint venture. Б). 2-ethoxy-6, 9-diamino-acridine lactate; C15H15N30 • C3H603:

Inodorous yellow crystal powder, bitter taste. Let's badly dissolve in a cold water (1:50) and in 95% alcohol (1:100). Pier. weight (weight) 361,40. Water solutions are transparent, yellow color, slightly fluoresce, are light-sensitive (become brown).

Has antimicrobic effect at inf. the processes caused preferential by cocci. Mechanism of antimicrobic action E., as well as other antiseptic agents from group of dyes, connect with their ability at interaction with a bacterial cell to form difficult soluble and poorly ionizing complexes.

Apply as a preventive and medical antiseptic agent in surgery, gynecology, urology, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, dermatology. Appoint mainly outwardly and sometimes inside.

For processing and treatment of contaminated wounds use only freshly cooked 0,05% (1:2000); 0,1% (1:1000) and 0,2% (1:500) solutions. For washing of a pleural and abdominal cavity, at purulent arthritises and cystitis solutions apply 0,05 — 0,1%. For treatment of furuncles, anthrax and abscesses appoint 0,1 — 0,2% solutions in the form of lotions and tampons. For washing of a cavity of the uterus in a puerperal period use 0,1% solution; at purulent conjunctivitis — 0,1% solution in the form of eye drops. At an inflammation of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity, pharynx, nose appoint rinsing of 0,1% solution or greasing of a mucous membrane of 1% solution. In dermatology E. apply in the form of 1% of solution, 2,5% of powder, 1% of ointment and 5 — 10% of pastes.

The highest doses for adults inside: one-time — 0,05 g, daily — 0,15 g.

Aethacridinum malotoksichen, at topical administration does not irritate fabrics. At the renal failure which is followed by an albuminuria, washing of cavities is contraindicated.

Form of release: the powder, tablets containing Aethacridinum of 0,01 g and to - you boric 0,09 g; 0,1% spirit solution; 3% ointment in packaging on 25 g. Aethacridinum is also a part of ointment of Unguentum Koncovi. Storage: in well corked container.

See also Antiseptic agents. N. Yu. Moskalenko.