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AERO SUNBED (grech, aer air + lat. solarium a terrace, a flat roof) — specially equipped platform or the room intended for performing climatic treatment — reception of solar and air bathtubs.

Summer And. place on the flat, open, oriented to the South or the southeast platform in the park, the wood, on the seashore or the rivers etc., far from passable roads and the industrial enterprises. And. it is protected for protection against wind with easy zhalyuziyny boards or a bush. The solid fence since it worsens natural aeration is not recommended. For the prevention of cooling from the soil (in the North and in a midland) and an overheat., (in the south) the surface of the platform shall have a sward or a wooden flooring with drains for water; it is not necessary to apply a covering from concrete and asphalt.

V A. shall be the platform which is well lit with the sun for solar bathtubs (sunbed) and the platform protected from direct sunshine for air bathtubs (aerarium). 6 — 8 m shall fall on one place in a sunbed 2 , in aerariums — 4 — 5 m 2 at a ratio of places in sunbeds and aerariums 2: 1 for a midland and 1: 2 for the South. And. is divided into men's and women's departments.

V A. there has to be a first-aid post where there is a first-aid kit for rendering acute management, the meteorological and dosimetric equipment, a broadcasting center for the notification about doses of solar and air bathtubs, rules of their reception; linen is stored. V A. the shower is arranged (usually with solar heating of water).

Fig. 1. Various types of canopies for reception of air bathtubs: 1 - with an odnoskatny roof; 2 — with a discontinuous dvukhskatny roof; 3 — with a trekhskatny roof.

And. it is equipped with canopies with the odnoskatny, discontinuous dvukhskatny and trekhskatny roofs (from a tree, slate or dense fabric) providing necessary ventilation (fig. 1). Height of canopies is 4 — 5 m, a gap in a roof of 50 — 70 cm.

For reception of solar bathtubs of direct radiation establish the trestle beds not less than 40 cm high equipped with nadgolovnik. Tents from the material detaining a part of sunbeams, or the cellular roofs creating on a body «lattice», i.e. alternation of the sites lit with the sun and which are in a shadow are applied to reception of solar bathtubs of the weakened radiation. Trestle beds are equipped with the zhalyuziyny screen according to Chernyavsky. Changing height, a tilt angle of blinds, it is possible to regulate intensity of solar radiation. There are also models of trestle beds, to-rye the so-called universal trestle beds — rotating with zhalyuziyny screens rotate in the direction of the sun, and. Apply tents umbrellas with cuts to weakening of solar radiation, at rotation to-rykh alternation of light and shade with a certain frequency is created.

Fig. 2. The schematic device of a group tent for reception of solar bathtubs of scattered radiation (above — a habit view, below — the device for an inclination of a tent): 1 — the limiter; 2 — a rope and a hook for adjustment of an inclination.

For solar bathtubs of scattered radiation arrange the special, mounted at the necessary height and rotating on hinges tents. Such tents can be group (fig. 2) or individual use.

Fig. 3. Surface aero sunbed.

In the southern seaside resorts settle surface And. (fig. 3), microclimatic conditions to-rykh provide good airing; action of accessory medical factors joins it (aerosols of sea salts, aeroions, etc.).

Winter And. place on flat roofs of buildings, in the glazed verandahs with sliding walls where create necessary microclimatic conditions (closed And.).

For carrying out solar bathtubs in open winter And. trestle beds equip with protection «side play box» devices (the wire frameworks fitted by a polyethylene or polyvinyl film) or establish them in the special cabins which are also fitted by the film passing long-wave ultra-violet (UF-V) beams.

See also Air-cure , Heliation .

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