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ERINYT (Erynitum; synonym: Nitropentonum, Nitropenton,

Pentaerithritol Tetranitrate, Pentalong, Peritrat, etc.; joint venture. B) — anti-anginal means. Pentaerythritol tetra nitrate; C5H8N4012:

White crystal powder. It is water-insoluble, alcohol-soluble also ether. Pier. weight (weight) 316,14. It is explosive.

On pharmakol. to action E. it is close to nitroglycerine (see) and to other organic nitrates (see). Has vasodilating effect, influencing the central regulation of blood circulation and directly relaxing smooth muscles of vessels; suppresses a cardiovascular component of «primary pain». Differs from nitroglycerine in slow development of effect, bigger duration of action and considerable smaller influence on the ABP. Does not change or slightly reduces cardiac performance, in high doses relaxes smooth muscles of internals.

It is well soaked up in went. - kish. path. In 4 — 8 hours after introduction inside in a dose of 40 mg the minimum concentration E. in blood makes 0,2 — 0,25 mkg! ml. In blood apprx. 85% contacts proteins. AA. collapses preferential to mono-and dinitrates and in a smaller measure — to a pentaeritritol. Apprx. 90% of the entered dose it is removed during 48 hours of hl. obr. kidneys. A small amount of drug is removed with bile.

Therapeutic effect E. at use sublingual comes in 15 — 20 min., and at intake — 30 — 60 min. later. Duration of action at a single dose 4 — 5 hour. Slow and not always the expressed development of effect at reception E. sublingual does not allow to use widely it instead of nitroglycerine for stopping of attacks of stenocardia. At patients with coronary heart disease with attacks of stenocardia at regular intake E. in 3 — 7 days the frequency and intensity of retrosternal pains up to their complete cessation decreases.

Apply E. for the prevention of attacks of stenocardia and systematic treatment of coronary heart disease. AA. it is a little effective at a heavy coronarosclerosis. It can also be used at an obliterating endarteritis, an angiospastic retinitis, spasms of smooth muscles of bilious ways.

Appoint inside on 0,01 — 0,02 in about 4 — 6 g hour. A course of treatment —

2 — 4 weeks. At prolonged continuous use efficiency of drug can decrease. Repeated courses are conducted during the resuming of retrosternal pains.

Side effect E. it is shown by headaches, dizziness, a sonitus, sometimes ponosa. These phenomena are observed rather seldom and are less expressed, than at use of nitroglycerine. They quickly stop after reduction of a dose or drug withdrawal.

It is contraindicated at fibrinferment of brain and coronary vessels (in the acute period) and with the increased intracranial pressure.

Form of release: tablets on 0,01 and 0,02 g. Storage: in the cool place protected from light.

See also Antianginaljny means, Vasodilators. Bibliography: V. I blizzard. Reference book of the cardiologist on clinical pharmacology, M., 1980;

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