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ADZHEKTIVNY COLOURING (indirect coloring) — one of methods of histologic coloring at which the painted object (microscopic section, a film, a smear) before use of dye is exposed to processing by the special substance promoting strengthening of communication of dye with an object. E.g., during the coloring by iron hematoxylin on Geydengayna an object is exposed to pretreatment (pickle) in solution of feather alum (mordant coloring).

In the histologic equipment most often apply aluminous compounds of iron, aluminum, chrome, etc. As a result And. lakes on structures of the painted object are formed strong insoluble residues — so-called varnishes. Color of a varnish depends on properties of pickle. And. lakes apply not only in histology, but also widely use in microbiology, the textile industry (e.g., coloring by mordant alizarine colors).

See also Histologic methods of a research .

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A. N. Studitsky.