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ADROXONUM (Adroxonum; Adrenoxyl, Adrenosem, Carbazochrome, Chromadren, Sangostasin; joint venture. B) — styptic means; hell-renokhroma monosempkarbazon, or семикарбазон-3-метил-3-окси-2,3-ди-гидро-индол-5,6-хинона:

Crystal powder of orange color, we will dissolve in water and alcohol. Is oxidate of adrenaline. Has effect at capillary bleedings, reducing permeability of walls of vessels, increasing their contractility and resistance; during operation promotes creation of a «dry» surgery field. At massive arterial bleedings it is inefficient. Drug does not increase arterial pressure, does not influence action of the heart and coagulability of blood.

And. apply at parenchymatous and capillary bleedings during operation and at injuries, and also for the purpose of prevention of postoperative bleedings (at adeno-and tonsillotomies, prostate gland operations, after extraction of tooth and dr). Appoint locally 0,025% solution (1 — 2 ml) for wetting of gauze napkins or tampons at their imposing to a wound once or repeatedly, and also intramusculary and subcutaneously on 1 ml of 0,025% of solution of 1 — 4 time to, in time and after operation. The combination of local application to injections, and also a combination to other hemostatics is possible. At went. - kish. bleedings appoint injections And. on 1 — 3 ml in combination with other means. By-effects at use And. are not observed.

Form of release: 0,025% solution in ampoules on 1 ml. Keep in the cool, protected from light place.

See also Styptic means .

Bibliography: Mashkovsky M. D. Pharmaceuticals, p. 2, page 56, M., 1972.

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