ADRIANOV Oleg Sergeyevich

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ADRIANOV Oleg Sergeyevich

ADRIANOV Oleg Sergeyevich (sort. in 1923) — the Soviet neurophysiologist, the doctor of medical sciences (1964), professor (1967), the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1975).

In 1947 graduated from Naval medical academy (Leningrad), and in 1950 a postgraduate study at Ying-those a brain of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. Works at this institute as the head of the laboratory of a morfofiziologiya of a conditioned reflex (since 1952) and along with 1961 for 1970 the deputy director on scientific work, and since 1974 — the director.

O. S. Adrianov is the author of 120 scientific works, including 3 monographs devoted structurally - to the functional organization and relationship of various structures of a brain in uslovnoreflektorny activity and behavior, to the analysis of functional value of intercortical (horizontal) and subcorticocortical (vertical) systems of bonds in various forms of integration at various representatives of mammals, including primacies. It proved a possibility of local projections of nonspecific kernels of a visual hillock to bark of a great brain and a number of the principles of talamo-cortical interaction is formulated (structurally functional proximity of various categories of thalamic kernels, existence mono - and oligoproyektsionny talamokortikalny systems of bonds); dependence of uslovnoreflektorny reactions on the structural organization and ratio of various links of the analyzer of an alarm irritant is studied; the role of associative systems of a brain in mechanisms of space and temporary forecasting is shown.

These researches matter for understanding of problems of the system organization of cerebral functions at the person and their disturbances in pathology.

Under the leadership of O. S. Adrianov 10 dissertations, including 3 doctor's are defended. He is the chairman of the all-union problem commission of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences «Functional and structural bases of system activity and mechanisms of plasticity of a brain», the member of the International organization for studying of a brain (IBRO), and since 1974 — the member of its Central Office; since 1975 — the vice-president of All-Union physiological society of I. P. Pavlov.

Works: The atlas of a brain of a dog, M., 1959 (sovm, with Moehring T. A.); The intercortical and talamo-cortical relations in conditioned-reflex activity, a yew., M:., 1963; The Conditioned reflex and a problem of talamo-cortical relationship, in book: Reflexes golovn. a brain, under the editorship of E. A. Asratyan, page 240, M., 1965; Conditioned reflex and structural organization of the analyzer of an alarm irritant, Zhurn. vyssh. nervn. deyateln., t. 17, century 5, page 847, 1967; Features of bonds of a vent-robazalny complex of a thalamus with parietal and somatosensory areas of a cerebral cortex of a cat, in the same place, t. 22, century 5, page 1039, 1972 (sovm, from Polyakova A. G.); The Structural characteristic of talamo-parietal relationship, in book: Evolution of functions of parietal shares of a brain, under redch. A.S. Batuyeva, with, 7, L., 1973 (sovm, with other).

V. A. Borzov.