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ADRENOREAKTIVNY SYSTEM — the biochemical substrate of a cell perceiving specific influence of the mediators which are released under the influence of an electric impulse from the terminations of postganglionic sympathetic (adrenergic) fibers. Can interact with adrenoreaktivny system not only mediators (see), but also similar pharmacological means — adrenaline and others adrenomimetichesky means (see), and also the means blocking adrenoreaktivny systems — dihydroergotamine (see), dihydroergotoxin (see), propranolol (see), etc.

Ampere-second. according to their sensitivity to pharmacological agents share on α-adrenoreak-tivny and β-adrenoreaktivny. Ampere-second. the first type are highly sensitive to noradrenaline and are blocked phentolamine (see) and other α-adrenolytic drugs, while β-adrenoreaktivny systems are easily activated izopropilnoradrenaliny (see. Isadrinum ); the blocking impact on β-adrenoreaktivny systems is exerted by propranolol and other β-adrenolytic drugs ((((((((((see. Adrenolytic means ).

The molecular structure of adrenoreaktivny systems is not found out. Assume that the β-adrenoreaktivny system is similar to enzyme adepiltsiklazy, and a α-adrenor the active system is identical to the enzyme activating ATF-aznuyu reaction.

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