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ADLER the METHOD (A. Adler) — quantitative definition of stercobilin in Calais; it is based on ability of zinc salt of stercobilin to give green fluorescence. It is offered in 1922.

Technology of definition. From daily quantity a calla take 10 g and pound in a mortar from 20 ml of petroleum ether within 3 — 5 min. for the extraction of an indole and skatole (which are also giving fluorescence). Processing a calla ether is made before disappearance in extract of reaction of fluorescence with Zn (CH3COO)2. Add 1 g of zinc acetate to Kalou who is washed out by ether (in powder), 10 ml of 96% of alcohol and 3 drops of 1% of spirit of iodine; carefully mix and filter. The filtrate is parted in 10 and 100 times with special liquid (20 g of zinc acetate dissolve in 100 ml of a distilled water and flow 100 ml of alcohol).

A pipette spill the decreasing quantities initial and divorced (1: 10 and 1: 100) a filtrate in a row of test tubes also add each of them the parting liquid up to the volume of 2 ml (tab.); green fluorescence speaks about availability of stercobilin. Note in what of test tubes fluorescence is least intensive, and according to the table find contents in this cultivation of stercobilin in milligram-percent. This size is multiplied by the weight of daily quantity a calla and divided on 100 (for transfer of milligrams-percent in milligrams).


Example: the minimum fluorescence is noted at cultivation by 100 times in a test tube from 0,3 ml of a filtrate and 1,7 ml of the parting liquid. In the table it corresponds to 110 mg of % of stercobilin. Daily weight the calla of 200 g Thus, daily release of stercobilin (110*200)/100 makes 220 mg.

Normal daily release of stercobilin with a stake fluctuates within 200 — 600 mg.

It is necessary to remember that some pharmaceuticals which are allocated with a stake can give green fluorescence (e.g., Atebrinum). For differentiation of true fluorescence and medicamentous add to a filtrate divorced salt and sulfuric to - you (several drops). The fluorescence caused by stercobilin disappears, and medicamentous remains.

And. the m differs in big sensitivity and finds broad application in clinic.

See also Kal, research , Sterkobilin .

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