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ADIURECRINUM (Adiurecrinum; synonym of Pituitrinum siccum; joint venture. B) — the hormonal drug received by way of extraction from a back share of a hypophysis of cattle and pigs. Represents flour of gray color, water-insoluble and usual solvents. Drug consists generally of the angiotonic fraction entering into group of posterior pituitary hormones (see. Vasopressin ).

It is applied at not diabetes mellitus, at bed wetting. It is appointed in pinches on 0,03 — 0,05 g of 1 — 3 time a day. To children the dose can be lowered to 0,005 g the Highest daily dose for the adult — 0,15 g. Also the ointment form A is had., especially convenient for use to children.

Pharmacological action comes in 15 — 20 min. after use of drug and 6 — 8 hour proceed. At the same time at patients thirst decreases, dryness in a mouth disappears, the specific weight of urine increases, the mocheotdeleniye considerably decreases.

At prolonged use emergence of resistance to drug is possible. Sometimes there are headaches, abdominal pains, allergic reactions, seldom vomiting and a skin itch.

Contraindications — diseases of adnexal bosoms of a nose, a katara of upper respiratory tracts, intolerance to drug.

It is stored with precaution in the cool dry place in well corked bottles. Adiurekrinovy ointment is stored at t ° 5 °. Within 5 — 6 days can be at the room temperature.

See also Hormonal drugs .

M. A. Zhukovsky.