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ADIPOSINUM (Adiposinum) — the proteinaceous drug received from a front share of a hypophysis of cattle and pigs. And. — sterile powder, water soluble (pH of aqueous solutions 7,0 — 7,5). The active beginning of drug are, apparently, lipotropic substances of a hypophysis (see).

And. slows down in fatty tissue synthesis of fat from carbohydrates and activates in it a lipolysis of triglycerides (neutral fat). Manifestation of activity And. increase in content in serum of the higher free fatty acids is.

And. it is shown at an exchange and alimentary form of obesity. Use drug in combination with a low-calorie diet. Enter intramusculary 2 times a day on 50 PIECES within 20 days.

In the course of treatment it is recommended to watch a diuresis, pulse and blood pressure. And., can cause an ischuria and the allergic phenomena in some patients. In these cases it is reasonable to appoint diuretic means, and at an allergy — to reduce a daily dose of drug and to carry out the desensibilizing therapy.

Contraindications: disturbance of blood circulation of the II—III degree, a hypertension, disturbance of a rhythm of cordial reductions, obesity with bent to allergic reactions, a diabetes mellitus in a severe form, an abnormal liver function and kidneys.

Produce in the form of the lyophilized powder 50 PIECES in a bottle; apply an ampoule of solvent (2 ml of 0,5% of solution of novocaine) to a bottle.

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S. M. Leytes.