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ADIPOCERE (synonym: adipocera, cadaveric wax) — the peculiar condition of fabrics of a corpse arising owing to compound of fatty acids with salts of alkali and alkaline earth metals in the conditions of the increased humidity at absence or a lack of air

. — one of rare species of natural preservation corpse (see). Education. it is observed at mass burial of corpses in the common graves covered with a small layer of the earth and available to effect of plentiful moisture in the period of rains or thawing of snow on condition of stay of a corpse in water, at burials in wet and clay soils, etc.

In the beginning integuments of a corpse are exposed to rotting, a cut comes to the end with separation of epidermis from actually skin, penetration into its thickness of water, washing away of blood, a part of microorganisms, etc. This period lasts from several months to one year. Then there comes the period of saponification: fat decays on glycerin and fat to - you (olein, palmitic and stearin). Glycerin and olein to - that, water soluble, are also washed away from a corpse. Palmitic and stearin to - you enter connection with salts of alkali and alkaline earth metals and form layers fat to - the t (soap) which make

Zh. Zh. possesses a specific smell of rancid cheese, is well knifed, easily melts, on paper leaves fat marks. Its consistence is various — firm, myloobrazny and even curdled. The corpse at the same time keeps external shapes of a body and head hair. Soft tissues of grayish-whitish color, are cut about a nek-eye by effort. Joint bags, a periosteum and internals are absent; on their place find lumps of zhirovoskovy mass of irregular shape.

At microscopic examination preservation of a connective tissue basis of skin, fibrous structure of a hypodermic fatty tissue, outline of fatty segments and walls of vessels, structure of muscular tissue, a connective tissue stroma of internals are found.

At court. - a medical research of a corpse or its parts is able. traces of earlier caused damages (the cut, hurt and bullet wounds, strangulyatsionny furrows), some toxic agents and other changes important for carrying out court can be found. - medical examinations. Corpses are able. rather easily give in to an identification that has great judicial and investigative value. On expressiveness. it is possible to speak about prescription of its education. In a corpse of the newborn signs of education. can be observed already in 3 — 4 weeks, and in 4 — 5 months the corpse can pass into a state completely. Transition in. fabrics and bodies of a corpse of the adult occurs much more slowly: by the end of month emergence begins. in a hypodermic fatty tissue, in internals — not earlier than in 3 — 4 months, and full transformation of soft tissues of a corpse in. it is possible to observe not earlier than in a year. Separate parts of a corpse in cases of its preliminary partition can also pass into a state., and it occurs in shorter terms in comparison with not dismembered corpses.

Court. - a medical research of a corpse, in Krom it was formed., allows to judge the conditions which created a possibility of saponification and also the approximate minimum term which expired from the moment of approach of death.

Yu. L. Melnikov.