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ADIPIC ACID [butane-1,4-dicarbonic to - that; COOH(CH2)4COOH] — the natural organic acid which is contained in beet juice. Represents crystals, t°pl 149 — 150 °. In 100 parts of water at t ° 15 °

1,44 parts are dissolved, it is well alcohol-soluble. It turns out at oxidation of cyclohexane or the relevant fractions of oil.

And. to. a natural origin it is applied in the food industry (instead of lemon to - you). And. is a starting material in production of synfils (nylon, capron). Derivative And. to. — alpha and aminoadipinic to - that is is an intermediate product of disintegration of a lysine (see). and = Amino, beta keto - adipinic to - you are an intermediate product at synthesis of porphobilinogen — the predecessor of porphyrine (see).

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