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ADHESIVE PLASTER (synonym adhesive plaster) — rolls of a thin cloth, a tape from dense paper or polymer films of the different sizes with a unilateral sticky covering. Requirements to L. are defined by temporary pharmacopoeian article (VFS 42 — 762 — 73). Length of a tape is equal in rolls to 5 m, width of its from 1 to 8 cm. The sticky covering prepares from mix of rubber, rosin, gasoline, antistaritel and fillers.

Plasters as a dosage form share on firm, softened at body temperature, and liquid (kleol, a collodion), leaving a film on skin. For receiving cling films with the antibacterial, anesthetizing and other means polymeric film-forming structures which are sprayed by propellants from cylinders are used.

High adhesion of L. to skin provides its use for fixing of bandages, preventions of attritions, closings of trophic ulcers, for rapprochement of edges of the granulating wounds, occlusive bandages at open pheumothorax and an immobilization of fractures of edges, for extension of extremities at fractures of bones. For closing of wounds the bactericidal L is produced., consisting of a bactericidal gauze and the film L. Adhesive plasters on a paper and polymeric film basis are used for closing of wounds, a surgery field. L. it is necessary to store at t ° 15 — 17 ° in the dry room.

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