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ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHORIC ACID as drug (Acidum adenosintriphosphoricum; ATP, Atriphosum, Myotriphosum, Fosfobionum, Adephos, Atrifos, Atriphos, Fosfobion, Myotriphos, Striadyne, Triadenyl, Trifosfodin, Trifosyl, Triphosadenine, Triphosphodine) — means for improvement of muscle performance. Ester of adenosine and 3 parts phosphoric to - you:

White crystal hygroscopic powder.

Adenosine triphosphoric acid (ATP) is a component of body tissues of the person and animals and is of great importance for muscle performance. Dystrophic processes in muscles are caused by reduction of its content in muscular tissue or disturbance of processes of its reosintez. The large role is played by ATP in implementation of sokratitelny activity of a cardiac muscle. ATP participates in carrying out nervous impulses in vegetative gangliya and improves carrying out nervous excitement from a vagus nerve on heart.

In medical practice apply disodium and monocalcic ATP salts.

ATP disodium salt (Natrii adenosintriphosphas, Natrium adenosintriphosphoricum) appoint at dystrophy of a myocardium in a complex with cardiacs, at muscular dystrophy and an atrophy, at spasms of coronary vessels of heart and peripheral vessels, and also at infectious diseases of c. the item of page (diencephalitis, dientsefaloganglionit, etc.) and parkinsonism. Enter intramusculary but 1 ml of 1% of solution of drug once a day. Contraindications: fresh myocardial infarction and inflammatory diseases of lungs.

Form of release: 1% solution in ampoules on 1 ml. Keep in the place protected from light at a temperature of 4 — 5 °.

ATP monocalcic salt (Calcii adenosintriphosphas; Calcium adenosintriphosphoricum). Indications and contraindications to use the same, as for the ATP disodium salt. Enter intramusculary 3% solution of drug in glycerin. Before use the bottle is lowered in hot water and enter 3 ml of isotonic solution of sodium chloride into it.

Form of release: 3% solution in glycerin in bottles on 1 ml.

ATP as chemical — see. Adenozinfosforny acids .

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