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ADENOMIOMA (adenomyoima; Greek aden — gland, mys — a muscle — - oma) — incorrectly created embryonal fabric complexes of an opukholepodobny look consisting of epithelial ferruterous and smooth muscle elements. The term «adeiomiom» designate the heterotopic sites of pancreatic fabric located in the thickness of a muscular layer went. - kish. a path (the stomach, duodenal, lean, ileal, is more rare a cross colon).

Except an acinus and pancreat ducts, in And. find pancreatic islands and the cosecreting glands of a digestive tract. The majority of these heterotopic educations is an accidental find, does not find signs of growth and has no clinical value.

Similar type embryonal fabric complexes meet sometimes in a wall of a gall bladder where they are constructed of the epithelial structures creating the cracks or cysts surrounded with a fibrous stroma with large or smaller number of unstriated muscles. Such complexes located in day of a gall bladder can be mistakenly taken for cancer. In certain cases relationship of unstriated muscles with a malrelated epithelium in And. makes a false impression of infiltriruyushchy tumoral growth. The term "adenomiom" is used also for designation of so-called stromal endometriosis (see). More diffusion forms of a fabric ectopia are called sometimes an adenomyosis or an adenomyomatosis. Bibliography: Masson P. Tumors of the person, the lane with fr., M., 1965: Evans K. W. Histological appearances of tumors, Edinburgh, 1966.

BB. H. Nightingales.