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ADENOMA OF SEBACEOUS GLANDS (adenoma sebaceum) — high-quality new growth of sebaceous glands.

Fig. 1. Adenoma of sebaceous glands of Pringl

True Ampere-second. occurs very seldom, preferential at adult and elderly people. It is characterized by the single, dense, round, sometimes sitting on a leg small knots or nodes which are located more often on a face or a back (tsvetn. fig. 1).

Histopathology: the encapsulated organoid tumor of a lobular structure which is partially consisting of not quite differentiated ferruterous fabric; in the central part of segments large mature grease cells with fine-grained cytoplasm, in peripheral departments of segments — growths of cells like bazaloidny with a tendency of a differentiation in flat and epithelial are located (Grinfelt called them formative cells). In the center of large segments cystous cavities are occasionally noted.

To group of Ampere-second. incorrectly carry a nevus of sebaceous glands (see. Nevus ), a so-called organ nevus which meets considerably more often true Ampere-second. Carry Ampere-second to them. like Pringl and Ampere-second. like Allopo — Leredda — Darier [a synonym: naevus fibrosebaceus, Reitman; naevi symmetrici fibroangiomatosi, Z. Csillag; hamartoma pilosebaceum, W. L. L. Carol; naevi vasculaires verruqueux de la face, Darier, etc.]. At the last development of fibrous fabric prevails.

Ampere-second. like Pringl and Allopo's type — Leredda — Darya arise at youthful age, seldom exist since the birth; family cases are known. For this type of Ampere-second. the small knots which are symmetrically located with hl are characteristic. obr. in noso-buccal furrows, on cheeks and a chin; small knots are small, round pl oval, flat, plotnovaty or soft, will stand over surrounding skin, sometimes merge, color varies them from pale yellowish to brownish-red. On a surface of small knots and between them there are teleangiectasias. Very seldom there occurs spontaneous involution of separate rashes.

Histopathology: a hyperplasia of sebaceous glands and fibromatous changes in actually skin, almost total absence of elastic fibers in a derma and in a hypodermic fatty tissue and vasodilatation.

So-called. Ampere-second. like Balzer — Menetriye represents a nevus like a cystous trichobasalioma (see Epithelioma adenoides cysticum).

Ampere-second. it is often combined with other nevus, especially fibromatous, and also with defeats of a nervous system (an ectodermal dysplasia).

Ampere-second. like Pringl can be a symptom of a disease of Pringl — Burnevillya (see. Tuberous sclerosis ).

Diagnosis Ampere-second. it is usually easy. From epithelioma adenoides cysticum small knots of Ampere-second. differ in color, localization, absence of miliapodobny rashes, and also a histologic picture. Course of a disease long; the forecast concerning life favorable.

Treatment: electrothermic coagulation, electrolysis, cryotherapy, operational removal.

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