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ADENOLYMPHOMA (adenolymphoma; Greek aden — gland + a lymphoma; synonym: lymphomatous papillary cystadenoma, branchioma, branchyogenic adenoma, orbital inklyuzionny cyst, Uortin's tumor) — benign tumor of sialadens.

Fig. Adenolymphoma. Ferruterous inclusions among an adenoid tissue.

Macroscopically And. represents the roundish or lobular node no more than 8 cm in the diameter, a soft consistence sometimes containing cysts and which is usually completely encapsulated. Microscopically (fig.) And. consists of tubular glands with the threadlike or wide nipples covered by a high light cylindrical epithelium. In a stroma of a tumor the numerous lymphocytes creating follicles with the centers of reproduction are located. The lymphoid component is not tumoral ingredient and therefore the term «adenolymphoma» is not quite lawful. And. arises at any age, but usually develops at men after 40 years and makes apprx. 6% of all epithelial tumors of sialadens. More often And. is located in the field of the lower pole of a parotid sialaden, in its thickness or directly at outside border of body. Quite often defeat happens bilateral or in the form of the multiple isolated small knots. And. can arise in sialadens of other localization or the lacrimal gland.

Among theories of a histogenesis And. only two have rather convincing confirmation: 1) emergence And. from the heterotopic fabric of sialadens displaced in limf. nodes; 2) from channels of a parotid sialaden. Theories about developing of a tumor from branchiate arches, from a heterotopic pharyngeal entoderm, from the displaced tissue of a thymus cannot be considered as rather reasonable.

Clinically — drift, a tumor can reach the big sizes. Signs of damage of skin and a facial nerve not to happen. Infiltrative growth and innidiation is not observed.

Treatment is surgical, the forecast favorable.

See also Sialadens (tumors).

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