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ADENOAKANTOMA (adenoacanthoma; grech, aden — gland, akantha — thorn + - oma) — a malignant tumor with signs of a dimorphous differentiation on ferruterous and planocellular type.

Fig. of Adenoakantom of an ovary. Islands of a planocellular epithelium among ferruterous fabric.

In most cases ADENOAKANTOMU is carried to adenocarcinomas of various bodies with the phenomena of a planocellular metaplasia (apparently, false) a ferruterous epithelium (see. Cancer ), sometimes with formation of horn masses, up to formation of cancer «pearls». Adenoakantoma meets in a gullet, usually in a zone of esophageal and gastric transition, in a stomach, a gall bladder, a pancreas, a rectum, the proctal channel, a vagina, a uterus, ovaries (fig.), skin, sweat glands. ADENOAKANTOMA practically not of an otlichim from a picture of ferruterous cancer of appropriate authority is macroscopic. Microscopically in a tumor along with structure of an adenocarcinoma usually find a number of phases of a heteroplasia of a ferruterous epithelium in multilayer flat. Both ADENOAKANTOMY structural components with various signs of a differentiation of an epithelium are located in the same sites and intimately connected among themselves.

Clinic and treatment — look Cancer .

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