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ADDISON Thomas (Addison Thomas, 1793 — 1860) is the English doctor. Got an education at medical school of Edinburgh; here protected dokt. the thesis «About syphilis» (1815). From 1815 to 1820 worked as the doctor of the London venereologic hospital under the direction of Von Bacman background where gained wide experience on treatment of skin diseases.

From 1820 to 1859 worked in the known London hospital (Guy’s Hospital), in the beginning as the pupil, then the doctor assistant (since 1824), the teacher of «medical matter» (since 1827) and the doctor of hospital (since 1837). Here together with R. Brigt T. Addison gave lectures on applied medicine which are generalized in the book «Elements of Applied Medicine» (1839). In 1849 it for the first time described malignant anemia — Addison's anemia — Birmera (see. Pernicious anemia ).

T. Addison gained world fame after the description of the disease called after his name (see. Addisonova disease ).

Valuable works of T. Addison on anatomy and pathology of lungs, asthma and tuberculosis are posthumously published in works of hospital and are published by separate volume New Sidengamsky medical about-vom. T. Addison's bust was established in the Museum of pathology, a memorial board — in the Chapel, and the name of the scientist was appropriated to one of chambers of hospital.

Works: De syphllide, dies. Edinburgh, 1815; Observations on the disorders of females connected with uterine irradiation. L., 1830; The elements of the practice of medicine, at. 1, L., 1839 (sovm. with Bright R.); On the constitutional and local effects of disease of the suprarenal capsules, L., 1855.

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