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Fig. Adamantoma in the field of bifurcation of roots of the right painter of an upper jaw.

ADAMANTOMA (adamantoma; grech, adamas, adamantos — solid metal + - oma; synonym: emaloid, enamel drop) — anomaly of development of tooth in the form of one or several nodules of enamel located in the field of enamel and cement border of tooth. As a rule, such small knots

Are located at bifurcation of roots of painters (fig.), have the rounded or oval shape and or are sealed in solid tissues of tooth, or eminate in a periodontium.

Smaller small knots consist only of enamel — so-called enamel drops; in most cases central part A. it is presented by a dentinal kernel, and the periphery of an eminating small knot can be bordered with the roller of cement, substantially repeating the topographical ratios inherent to normally created tooth. It is suggested (I. I. Yermolaev, etc., 1964) that And. is a kind of the firm odontomas (see) arising owing to disturbances of differentiation of a zuboobrazovatelny fabric complex (the embryonal epithelium of an oral cavity shipped in thickness of a jaw, and a mesenchyma) — in the direction of the structures similar to structure of tooth at various stages of its development. And. it is observed quite seldom, usually it is found at X-ray inspection of jaws. Treatment is not required.

V. V. Panikarovsky