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ACTS OF CIVIL STATUS — the legal facts (actions or events) which according to the law are subject to registration in bodies of civil registration (registry office). Treat such facts: birth, marriage, divorce, recognition of marriage invalid, adoption, paternity proof, change of a name, middle name and surname, registration of death, announcement by the dead. Registration And. of page is determined both for the benefit of the state and society, and for the purpose of protection of personal and property rights of citizens.

In Russia all records A. of page were carried out in a church order. Such records were introduced in 1722 for registration of the birth of children at the orthodox population for the first time; for persons of not orthodox religion — later.

After Great October socialist revolution assembly records are entered by the decree of SNK of December 18, 1917; then bodies of a registry office were created. Provisions about And. of page are stated in Bases of the legislation of USSR and federal republics about the marriage and a family accepted by the Supreme Council of the USSR in 1968.

Registration And. of page in the cities and the regional centers is made by department (bureau) of records A. of page of executive committees of regional (city) Councils of deputies of workers, and in rural areas and settlements — executive committees of rural and settlement Councils of deputies of workers. At commission of records A. the documents confirming the facts notifiable in bodies of record A shall be shown to of page. of page, and identity documents of applicants. Each record made in the book of registration And. of page, it has to be read to applicants, it is signed with them and the official making record and is under seal. About commission of record A. of page to applicants the certificate is granted. Contest of the made records A. of page from interested persons is allowed only in a judicial proceeding.

Registration of marriage (see) it is made at the place of residence of one of the persons marrying or at the place of residence of their parents. Divorce is registered on the basis of the judgment or by mutual consent of spouses in the absence of minor children at them. The mark about marriage and a divorce becomes in the passport of spouses. Registration of the birth is made in the birthplace of children or at the place of residence of parents or one of them. Registration of death is made on the basis of the conclusion of medical establishment in the place where the dead lived or where there came death. Some records A. of page are made only according to the decision of bodies of the state. E.g., registration of adoption is made on the basis of the decision of executive committee of regional (city) Council of deputies of workers; paternity proof — on the basis of the judgment or the joint statement of parents, and in case of the death of mother or impossibility to establish its residence — according to the statement of the father; registration of change of a name, middle name and surname of citizens — on reaching them an age of majority, at the permanent address with the permission of bodies of a registry office of executive committees of regional or regional councils. For some And. of page certain terms are established. So, the statement for the birth shall be made no later than a month since birth, and in case of the birth of the dead child — no later than three days from the moment of childbirth. The statement for death shall be made no later than three days from the moment of approach of death or detection of a corpse, and at violent death, suicide, death from accident — no later than 24 hours (see. Certificate on death ).

V. Ya. Spirkov.