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ACTIVE COAL (active coal) — the adsorbing means. And. at. receive from fossil and wood charcoals. Special tonkoporisty And. at. make by heat treatment without access of air of some polymers.

Main property A. at. — the high sorption ability caused by a large number of a time in its particles. The size of a time depends on technology of processing of semi-products and can make from 10 A (a specific surface — 1000 m 2 /г) to 1000 A (the specific surface approaches 1 m 2 /г). And. at. well adsorbs gases, alkaloids, toxins and other organic compounds.

In medicine apply And. at. an animal and plant origin at dyspepsia, a meteorism, food intoxications, poisonings with alkaloids and salts of heavy metals. At poisonings it is appointed inside in the form of a suspension in water on 20 — 30 g; the gastric lavage is also made a suspension

And. at. At a meteorism and dyspepsia use tablets A. at. (Tabulettae Carbonis activati; Carbolenum, Carbolenum; GFH), the containing 0,25 or 0,5 g And. at.; appoint 1 — 3 tablet 3 — 4 times a day. Tablets are more convenient for use, than And. at. in powder, however they have a little smaller adsorbability since contain the fillers reducing the adsorbing surface. As adsorbent A. at. use in gas masks.

See also The adsorbing means .

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