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ACTIVATORS OF GROWTH — the substances stimulating growth of organisms. And. rubles divide into 3 groups: auxins (see), gibberellins and kinina (see). Belong to the 1st group of auxins indolyacetic to - that, exerting impact on the majority of growth processes, and also indolyloil, naphthylacetic, 2,3,6-trikhlorbenzoyny acids, etc. Gibberellins (e.g., A3 gibberellin or gibberelic to - that) stimulate growth in length of draws of some plants. Kinina activate cell division, growth in culture of vegetable fabrics; the inositol and other substances concern to them adenine, kinetin.

And. rubles act in a complex, influencing many parties of life activity of cells. Mechanisms of action And. rubles are not revealed yet.

And. rubles of plants are developed by quickly growing fabrics, hl. obr. in tops of stalks and roots. Growth and formation of growth stimulants are interconnected.

And. rubles can be not only the substances produced in the course of growth of a plant but also other natural and synthetic compounds. So, gibberellin is received in the microbiological way from waste products of mushrooms like Fusarium; oil growth stimulant (NRB) is received from products of oil refining.

Natural and artificial And. rubles widely apply to stimulation of rooting of shanks, processing of seeds and plants. Thanks to them it is possible to accelerate not only growth of plants, but also their blossoming, to achieve earlier formation of fruits.

And. the river at animals and the person is somatotropic hormone (see), allocated by a front share of a hypophysis. It stimulates growth of a body and especially long bones by strengthening of protein synthesis in an organism (a delay of nitrogenous substances, increase in content of RNA in cells).

See also Biologically active agents .

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