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ACEPHEN (Acephenum; Xing: Centrophenoxine, Lucidril; joint venture. B) — psychogogic means. beta Dimethylaminoethyl ether of para-chlorophenoxyacetic acid hydrochloride:

White crystal powder, easily water soluble.

And. causes a moderate hyperphrenia, reduces the phenomena of vegetative dystonia, improves peripheric circulation. It is supposed that the place of influence And. the pituitary and hypothalamic area is. And. strengthens the central effect of adrenaline, increases resistance of nervous cells to an anoxia.

Apply And. at traumatic defeat of c. N of page, the poisonings of various etiology which are followed by anemia of a brain at a side amyotrophic sclerosis, diencephalic disturbances, at a traumatic coma, circulating shock, disorder of consciousness after surgical intervention. And. it is effective as excitant at an asthenic condition of neurotic genesis, at asthenohypochondriac and hypochiondrial syndromes, neurosis-like and periodic schizophrenia, at sluggish and apathetic and depressions because of a cerebral sclerosis and injury of a brain. It has the regulating and tonic effect at persuasive fears, apathy, slackness, depressive and sad mood, at involutional melancholy.

Appoint inside 0,1 — 0,3 g of 3 — 5 times a day; intravenously (kapelno), intramusculary and under skin on 0,25 g of 1 — 2 time a day; rektalno in candles on 0,2 g 2 — 3 times a day. The medical effect is shown slowly therefore the course is continued up to 1 — 3 month. And. malotoksichen, it is well transferred by patients, does not cause by-effects, does not interrupt a sleep and functions of a vegetative part of the nervous system. At patients with paranoid and hallucinatory symptomatology the aggravation of crazy and hallucinatory experiences, emergence of fear and alarm is possible.

Drug is contraindicated at infectious diseases of c. N of page.

Forms of release: tablets on 0, 1 g, candles on 0,2 g, powder for preparation of solutions in bottles on 0,25 g

See also Psychogogic means .

S. S. Liberman.