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ACECLIDINE (Aceclidinum; synonym Glaucostat; joint venture. And) — cholinomimetic means. 3-Atsetoksikhinuklidina salicylate; With 16 H 21 NO 5  :

White crystal powder, we will easily dissolve in water, it is alcohol-soluble. Aqueous solutions (pH = 4,5 — 5,5) will sterilize at t ° 100 ° within 30 min.

And. raises a tone and strengthens reductions of intestines, a bladder, a uterus; narrows a pupil, reduces intraocular pressure.

Apply And. in eye practice (at glaucoma), in surgery, urology, obstetrics and gynecology for the prevention and elimination of a postoperative atony of muscles went. - kish. a path and a bladder, at hypotonia and subinvolution of a uterus, in a radiology at a research of a gullet (for diagnosis of an achalasia), a stomach and a duodenum (for a functional research).

At glaucoma appoint in the form of eye drops (2%, 3% and 5% aqueous solutions) 3 — 6 times a day depending on effect. After a single instillation miotic and hypotensive action continues to 6 hours and more. It is possible to apply 3% and 5% of ointment (put before going to bed). And. it is possible to combine with other miotika: Pilocarpinum, Phosphacolum of ohms, Eserinum, etc.

At an atony of a stomach, intestines and bladder and hypotonia of a uterus enter under skin on 1 — 2 ml 0,2% of solution A.; at subinvolution of a uterus introduction And. make within 2 — 3 days. At a research went. - kish. a path and a gullet enter 0,5 — 1 ml of 0,2% of solution under skin. The highest doses under skin: one-time 0,004 g, daily 0,012 g.

And. it is usually well transferred by patients, however at overdose or hypersensitivity to it the phenomena connected with excitement of cholinergic systems — hypersalivation, perspiration, etc. can be observed. By-effects can be stopped by introduction under skin of atropine, Methacinum or other cholinolytics. And. it is contraindicated at bronchial asthma, crushing organic lesions of heart, epilepsy, bleedings from went. - kish. path, pregnancy.

Forms of release: powder for preparation of eye drops; 3% and 5% oculentum; 0,2% solution in ampoules on 1 and 2 ml. Keep in well corked banks from orange glass; solutions and ointments — in the place protected from light.

See also Cholinomimetic substances .

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K. A. Zaytseva.