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Fig. An acantolysis at a vulgar pemphigus. Cracks and bubbles in an aculeiform layer of an epithelium

ACANTOLYSIS (acantholysis, Greek akantha — a thorn and lysis — destruction, dissolution) — the dystrophic process which is shown formation of cracks and bubbles in an awl-shaped layer of epidermis of skin (fig.) and an epithelium of mucous membranes as a result of disappearance in it intercellular contacts. Reasons And. are not found out. At And. fusion of a cement substance of desmosomes (intercellular bridges), homogenization of tonofilaments (the basic device of cells) and dystrophic changes of kernels of cells is observed. The so-called akantolitichesky cells of rounded shape with a large kernel and a narrow rim of cytoplasm which are exposed further to destruction and perishing are formed. And. it is observed at all forms of a true pemphigus, a high-quality family pemphigus of Hailey-Hailey (see. Pemphigus ), a dyskeratosis to Darya (see. to Darya disease ).

G. M. Tsvetkova.