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Fig. the Proliferatsionny acanthosis at psoriasis — a thickening of epidermis with lengthening of its interpapillary shoots (coloring hematoxylin-eosine; × 75)

ACANTHOSIS (acanthosis, Greek akantha — a thorn + — Usis) — a thickening of epidermis of skin and an epithelium of mucous membranes with lengthening of interpapillary shoots. In a basis And. strengthening of proliferation of basal and prickle cells of epidermis with increase in energy balance in them — proliferatsionny lies And., observed, e.g., at psoriasis (fig.), or delay of their maturing with decrease in exchange — retentsion-ny And., observed, e.g., at x-ray damage of skin.

G. M. Tsvetkova.