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ACABORI Cyro (Akabori Shiro, sort. in 1900) — the Japanese biochemist and the chemist-organik, the member of the Japanese academy of Sciences, the foreign member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1966). In 1925 ended chemical f-t of Tôhoku university. Improved the knowledge in the USA and Europe. In 1931 received degree of the doctor; since 1938 — professor Osaka un-that. Founder and first director Ying-that protein (1958). In 1966 it is elected the rector Osaka un-that. Since 1967 — the president Ying-that physical and chemical researches. Main directions of works of S. Akabori: synthesis of optically active substances, release of amino acids and peptides, organic catalysis, stratographic analysis of amino acids. Its largest works — «Development of organic chemistry», «Amino acids and protein». S. Akabori is the winner of scientific awards Hattori Hokokai and Asahi for works on studying of chemistry of proteins and amino acids, the president of the Japanese biochemical island.

Works: Asymmetric hydrogenation with modified raney nickel, Proc. 3-rd Int. Congr. Catalysis, v. 2, p. 1364, Amsterdam, 1965 (sovm. with other); The preparation of optically active α-C-substituted glutamic acid, Bull. Ghem. Soc. Jap., v. 38, p. 1338, 1965 (sovm. with other); Studies of G-substituted tartaric acid, ibid., v. 39, p. 602, 1966 (sovm. with other).

Bibliography: Japan biographical encyclopedia, p. 16, Tokyo, 1961.

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