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ABSTRACT MAGAZINES MEDICAL — the reference periodicals publishing data on primary sources (e.g., books, articles) in the form of papers, summaries, bibliographic descriptions, etc. The main form is information in the form of papers. The publication of papers of scientific messages in the first periodic medical editions was made since the end of 17 century (see. Medical periodicals ). Much attention was paid to papers, for example, in «the Medikofizichesky magazine» (since 1808), «The general magazine of medical science» (since 1811), «The military-medical magazine» (since 1823), «The messenger of natural sciences and medicine» (since 1828), «The Moscow medical magazine» (since 1847). This tradition remains so far — the majority of medical periodicals publishes messages on primary sources in the form of papers and other forms of information (scientific reviews, etc.).

Since the end 18 — the beginnings of 19 century began to be published special Rubles. m, such, as «Ausziige aus den besten franzosischen periodischen medizi-nischen, chirurgischen und pharma-zeutischen Schriften» (1780 — 1784, Germany), «Pharmazeutische Zent-ralblatt» (1830), «Schmidt's Jahrbii-cher der in und aus Iandischen Me-dizin» (1834 — 1922). From domestic editions «The medical review» became widely known, V. F. Sprimon, and with 1904 Ob-in of the Russian doctors in Moscow was a publisher to-rogo from 1874 to 1903. Along with papers of the Russian and foreign articles the magazine published reviews and bibliographic descriptions. In 1912 — 1914 under A. V. Martynov's edition «Year-books of the Russian medical press» were published.

The «Abstract medical magazine» appearing under A. I. Abrikosov, M. P. Konchalovsky, I. L. Braude and V. V. Ivanov's edition was the special abstract trade publication in 1920 — 1923. The magazine published more than 500 papers from 82 medical periodicals. In 1928 — 1941 the «Central abstract medical magazine» (till 1935 was called «The central abstract magazine») placing 7 — 8 thousand papers a year and covering more than a third of all world medical periodical press was issued. In it active part was taken by A. I. Abrikosov, M. P. Konchalovsky, etc. In 1928 — 1941 under V. V. Ivanov, A. V. Martynov, D. D. Pletnev, V. K. Horoshko's edition «Papers of the Clinical Medicine magazine» were published. In 1948 the trade abstract magazine was renewed under the name «Soviet Medical Abstract Review». His editor-in-chief was S. M. Pavlenko, associate editors — V. I. Kazansky, I. A. Kassirsky, I. G. Kochergin, I. B. Lukomsky, N. A. Semashko, A. I. Strukov. In 1956 «The abstract magazine of foreign medical literature» was issued, from 1946 to 1958 abstract collections «Medicine Abroad» were issued.

Since 1957 the issue of periodic «Medical Abstract Magazine» (MAM) of 30 printed pages is begun; 4 sections of the magazine combine the main clinical and preventive disciplines. The edition of the magazine was assigned to All-Union scientific research institute of medical and medico-technical information (VNIIMI) M3 of the USSR. Hl. S. M. Bagdasaryan was appointed the editor of the magazine, M. I. Barsukov, H were a part of an editorial board. N. Blochin, V. V. Larin, E. V. Schmidt, M. D. M of ashkovskiya, B. E. Votchal, E. I. Kvater, etc. Since 1960 in the magazine there were 10 sections covering apprx. 40 disciplines; its volume increased to 50 author's pages, the number of the reviewed magazines increased in it almost to 1,5 thousand. In the subsequent the number of sections of the magazine increased to 13 (1963—1968), and in 1969 — 1974 to 16 sections. Since 1975 the volume of MRZh makes up to 70 buses of sheets, the number of sections — 22. Circulation of all sections (releases) increased from 15 thousand in 1957 — 1959 up to 60 thousand in 1980 — 1983. The number of papers increased by 1983 up to 42 thousand. They cover practically all modern disciplines and the directions a wedge, medicine, a gigabyte. disciplines and many problems of medicobiological disciplines. MRZh processes apprx. 2 thousand foreign primary sources from 70 countries (in 25 languages) and nearly 100 domestic magazines. From 1972 to 1981 hl. Yu. P. Lisitsyn, among associate editors, heads of the editorial offices C was an editor of the magazine. And. Gilyarevsky, F. I. Komarov, A. G. Likhachev, R. V. Petrov, M. I. Perelman, B. I. Pokrovsky, A. I. Rybakov, H. N. Trapeznikov, A. G. Homen-co, M. A. Zhukovsky, K. F. Kanareykin, I. N. Kuchinsky, E. G. Donations, R. A. Nadzharov, G. A. Novgorodtsev, H. R. Paleev, V. M. Pe-relygin, Yu. K. Skripkin, K. V. Tru-tneva, T. V. Chervakova; as the responsible secretary of edition G. B. Sverdlova for many years works. MRZh — one of the largest abstract magazines of the world recognized by UNESCO, WHO and other international organizations.

The most famous foreign abstract medical magazines are «Index medicus» and «Excerpta medica». «Index medicus» places hl. obr. bibliographic descriptions of 250 thousand articles from nearly 2500 magazines (the summary of descriptor type); it is published by National medical library of the USA. «Excerpta medica» (Netherlands) are covered by 3500 periodicals and places in 42 releases (sections) more than 120 thousand papers practically on all medical disciplines.

In sections in biology papers on medicobiological disciplines — morphology, human physiology, genetics, immunology, etc., on experimental and theoretical problems of oncology and a row klin.distsiplin are published in the world's largest abstract magazine (AM) issued by the All-Union Institute of Scientific and Technical Information (AUISTI), appearing in 148 releases and covering the periodical press of more than 70 countries.

River. m widely use modern means of the electronic and computing and multiplying equipment, their completing and release are considerably carried out by means of modern COMPUTERS.

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Yu. P. Lisitsyn.