ABRAZHANOV Alexander Alekseevich

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ABRAZHANOV Alexander Alekseevich

ABRAZHANOV Alexander Alekseevich (1867 — 1931) — the Soviet surgeon. Member of the CPSU. Upon termination of in 1891. Warsaw un-that worked in Mariinsky hospital in St. Petersburg. In 1893 for participation in Marxist circles it was sent to the Urals; worked in factory hospital in Yuryuzan and territorial hospital in Zlatoust. In 1900 protected in VMA (St. Petersburg) dokt. thesis «Change and sealing of bones». Since 1903 worked in Poltava; since 1913 — in Kharkiv. Since 1922 and until the end of life managed department of faculty surgery Dnipropetrovsk medical in-that.

A. A. Abrazhanov published more than 60 scientific works on surgery, including on plastic surgery (treatment of a labium leporium, different types of belly hernias, closing of fistulas of chest and belly cavities), neurosurgery, bone surgery, oncology, surgical treatment of tuberculosis, obstetrics and gynecology. He for the first time suggested to use a muscular rag on a leg for closing of fistulas of various bodies, in particular bronchial and pleural (1900); is the author of a method of transcondylar amputation of a hip (1898) and lengthening of the lower extremity at the expense of foot (1909). A. A. Abrazhanov created school of surgeons. It combined pedagogical and scientific work with public work: was the chairman of the Ufa, Poltava and Dnipropetrovsk science medical surgical foundations.

Works: Osteoplastic way of transcondylar amputation of a hip, Letop. Russian hir., p. 3, No. 2 of page 322, 1898; Operational treatment of native (idiopathic) epilepsy, Surgery, t. 26, page 49, 1909; The New operational method of lengthening of the lower extremity, Is new. hir. arkh., t. book 4, page 516, 1925.

Bibliography: Abrazhanov Alexander Alekseevich, 35 years of medical and scientific activity, Dnipropetrovsk, medical zhurn., No. 5-6, page. At, 1927; Abrazhanov A. A., It is new. hir. arkh., t. 23, book 3-4, page 715, 1931.