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ABIOTROPHY (abiotrophia; the Greek negative prefix a-, bios — life and trophe — food) — the lowered viability of body or system of an organism. The term is entered by Govers (W. R. Gowers, 1902) for designation of a syndrome inherent a nek-eye to heredo-familial diseases of a nervous system; after limit of the term extended. And. consider as the hidden constitutional anomaly. It is characterized by falloff of functional and adaptation opportunities of bodies in which at the usual level of activity there is a premature wear, aging and weakening of functions (mechanisms of this phenomenon are unknown).

The raised loading can cause especially easily serious functional violations and the progressing anatomo-histologic changes.

The term «abiotrophy» has no in a crust. time of broad use. In process of specification of ranks the increasing number of the pathological forms designated as And., it is allocated in certain nosological forms.

N. I. Losev.