ABIDOV Abdurakhy Abidovich

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ABIDOV Abdurakhy Abidovich (sort. in 1929) — the Soviet immunologist, the member correspondent of AMH (1978), zasl. doctor of the Uzbek SSR (1968). Member of the CPSU.

ABIDOV Abdurakhy Abidovich

In 1953 ended Tashkent medical in-t, then worked as the therapist and hl. the doctor of the station of ambulance in Tashkent. Since 1955 the research associate Tashkent research in-that vaccines and M3 serums of the USSR; since 1963 A. A. Abidov the director of it in-that. Along with 1972 the department chair of microbiology Tashkent medical in-that. In 1965 protected dokt, the thesis on a subject about genetic recombinations of colibacilli; since 1967 professor.

A. A. Abidov published St. 160 scientific works, including 3 monographs. He studied mechanisms of formation of atypical dysenteric bacteria, offered methods of their identification. Under its management in the Tashkent scientific research institute of vaccines and serums methods of receiving chemical sorbed typroid and paratyphoid vaccines, and also a method of receiving the dry easily soluble dosed antitetanic serums which then were implemented in production are developed; researches on creation mono - and polyvalent konts are conducted. antivenene serums, in particular monovalent serums concerning poisons of a cobra, an efa, gyurza, and also protivokarakurtovy serum are offered. Under its management 40 dissertation works, including 3 doctor's are prepared.

A. A. Abidov consists the board member about-va microbiologists, epidemiologists, virologists and parasitologists of the USSR, the honorary member Objedinennogo about-va microbiologists, epidemiologists, hygienists and infectiologists of the Kazakh SSR.

It is awarded by two awards «Sign of Honour» and medals.

Works: Genetic recombinations at colibacilli (sexual hybridization E. coli and Sh. Flexneri), yew., M., 1964; Genetic recombinations and atypical colibacilli, Tashkent, 1971; Ku rickettsiosis in Uzbekistan, Tashkent, 1975 (sovm, from Lysunkina V. A.).

V. I. Didenko.